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Custom Projects

When you need a custom solution for your vehicle, there isn’t always going to be an off the shelf part that meets your needs. Mobile Electronics Solutions is proud to offer custom fabrication of parts for the interior and exterior of your vehicle using only the best materials. This allows our skilled team to design solutions where none exist.

 If you imagine it, we can build it.

Mobile Electronic Solutions knows that an installation matters.

The only thing that limits what you can have in your vehicle is your imagination.

We have the tooling and skills to create just about anything for your car from whatever material is required. This is one of the elements of the customization process that we and our clients enjoy the most.

From wild and intricate designs to solutions that flow so well with the original design intent of the vehicle, you would be hard pressed to identify that the part is one of a kind.

That’s one of the many things that sets us apart from other shops.


In John's head turning E23 we turned the factory phone in the car into the switchbox for the air ride. 

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